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                 Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement
    From a Distinctively Christian Perspective of Home Education
Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Co-Editors   /

Table of Contents
Rejuvenate Your Home School
     1.  Review
     2.  Recommit
     3.  Reassess
     4.  Reorganize
     5.  Rejoice
Recommended Resources
     Rhea's Education Days
     AVKO Multi-Sensory Approach to Language Arts
     Jean Welles' Guitar Video Courses
     The Teaching Home Back Issues
Sunnyside Up: Humorous Anecdote


     Rejuvenate your home school -- give it new life and energy!

     Although you can see each day as an opportunity for a
fresh start, the new year is a good time to double check your
priorities and make any necessary course corrections in order to
reach your goals.

     The five steps in this issue will help you evaluate your
family's life and home school, as well as give you ideas to
rejuvenate your home school.

     Just a few changes can tremendously affect your family!

     As you pray for wisdom and strength to meet the challenges
and opportunities of the coming year, please remember to pray for
other Christian home-school families as well.  Some are going
through trying difficulties and all are in need of God's grace
and help.

The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian
The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business
operated in our home since 1980.


Rejuvenate Your Home School

1.  Review

     Take a look at the big picture.

__ Check to see if you are doing the things that are most
     important to your family.

     •  Review (or write) your family's mission statement --
         a declaration of your family's purpose in a simple
         sentence or paragraph which even a child can understand.

__ Ask yourself, your spouse, each person of your family, and
     the Lord:

     •  What is working well?

     •  What needs to be changed or cut out?

     •  What needs to be added?

__ Thank the Lord for His provision, blessings, and answered


Help Your Children Develop Leadership Abilities
and Achieve Financial Stability to Minister to Others --
Through Entrepreneurship!

     Learn how, at a new one-of-a-kind educational weekend
     get-away for parents who want to include financial life
     skills in their children's education.


Rejuvenate Your Home School

2.  Recommit

     Make sure your first commitment is to the Lord.

__ Pray for your child's early, but clearly understood and
     meaningful, salvation and commitment to the Lord.

__ Read God's Word
          In just five minutes per day you can read the entire
     New Testament through in a year, or read the entire Bible
     in only 20 minutes per day.

          We at The Teaching Home have designed a unique Bible
     reading schedule with the following features:

     •  Start anytime.

     •  Read 6 days a week, 4 weeks a month (24 days a month).
         This gives you catch-up days to stay on schedule.

     •  Readings are divided into three selections:
         The Complete Bible (minus Psalms and Proverbs)
         Psalms and Proverbs
         The New Testament

     •  These selections may be combined in different ways for
         family and/or private reading.

__ Guide Spiritual Growth
          Help your family grow spiritually in love and
     dedication to the Lord by:

     •  Regular and thoughtful Bible reading, memorization, and

     •  Loving dedication and obedience to God.

     •  Knowing God and speaking to Him in prayer.

     •  Christian fellowship.

     •  Ministry to others.

     •  Right relationships with the Lord and others.


AVKO Educational Research Foundation

AVKO (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Oral) Offers
a Multi-Sensory Approach to Language Arts
through Phonics and Word Families.

 •  Individualized Keyboarding teaches reading and spelling skills
     as your child masters the keyboard.
 •  Let's Write Right teaches reading/spelling as the alphabet is learned.
 •  Sequential Spelling builds self-esteem.
     To try it before you buy it or for information on dyslexia visit:


Rejuvenate Your Home School

3.  Reassess

     Consider your academic goals and how best to meet them.
If you are on course, great!  If you need help, try these ideas.

__ Build a Solid Foundation in the Basics

     •  Make the three basic skills of reading, writing, and math
         your first priority until the end of your school year.

     •  Add history, science, and other subjects whenever your
         basics are on schedule.

__ Arrange Your Classes for the Highest Efficiency

     •  Conserve time and effort by teaching several of your
         children together in one class, e.g., history, science,
         Bible, literature, and electives.  Present the lessons
         with explanations that enable all your children to

     •  Combine subjects and students for a unit study.

__ Alternate Subjects
          Instead of teaching all of your subjects every day,
     simplify your preparation and gain from your students' focus
     by teaching fewer, but longer, classes each day.  Examples:

     •  Each week teach language arts on two days and math on the
         other three days.

     •  Each week teach language arts and science on two days and
         math and history on the other three days.

     •  Study history two months, then science two months.


Learning To Play the Guitar
Can Bring Lifelong
Enjoyment to Your Child
and Blessings to Others

Jean Welles' video courses: a quick and easy way to play the guitar.
 •  Simple step-by-step, play-as-you-watch has vivid detail.
 •  No musical background, experience, or training is needed.
 •  Buy a complete package, including guitar, and save!
Worship Guitar Class for Ages 9-Adult
Kid's Guitar Lessons for Ages 5-9


Rejuvenate Your Home School

4.  Reorganize

     You can organize your time, space, and housework to make
your home run smoothly with the least amount of time and effort.

__ Manage Your Time
     Tools that work for you include:

     •  Monthly calendar for all family activities.

     •  Weekly calendar for plans and activities.

     •  Daily schedule -- where the "rubber meets the road!"

     •  Lesson plan and record book to record your plans and
         check off what is done or to record unplanned learning.

     •  Running master "to-do" list from which you assign items
         to your monthly, weekly, or daily lists.

     •  A planner that contains all of the above in one notebook.

__ Manage Your Space
          The more "stuff" you eliminate, the easier it will be
     to arrange your belongings in an orderly way.

     •  Keep boxes or large garbage bags labeled "give away,"
         "sell," and "toss."  Try to put some items in these
         each day and dispose of them once a week.

     •  Put away half of your children's toys at a time and
         rotate them from time to time.

__ Manage Your Household

     •  Update your chore chart so everyone knows what to do and
         when to do it.

     •  Maintain daily chores of laundry, dishes, and pick up.

     •  Keep meals simple, healthy, and on time.


Teaching Home Magazine
Back Issues

     Many home schoolers have
found information, inspiration,
and support from the writers who have contributed to The
Teaching Home magazine over the last 23 years.  Fifty-one
Back Issues are offered for sale online.

     These back issue never go out of date.  They are relevant
and applicable to your needs today.

     In each issue an average of 58 home schoolers contribute:
 •  Practical how-to articles
 •  Encouraging letters
 •  Ready-to-use teaching tips.

          "The Teaching Home has been a part of my
    continuing education since I started home schooling,
    and I have kept every issue.
         "I often go back to old issues to find creative,
    helpful hints or inspiration." Meredith C., Florida


Rejuvenate Your Home School

5.  Rejoice

     Enjoy the Lord and your family!  God's goal for us is to
have a home filled with love, joy, and peace where each member of
the family relates to others as He intends.

     •  Work together; chores are easier and more fun that way!

     •  Read aloud together.

     •  Set aside a "family night" each week.  Play board games,
         do puzzles, arts and crafts, or bake together.

     •  Take a walk together and talk along the way.

     •  Sing or play musical instruments together.

     •  Spend one-on-one time with each family member each day.


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Sunnyside Up: Two-Year-Old Logic
     Jacob, 2, had watched violent nausea besiege me during the
first trimester of my pregnancy.  I spent weeks in bed or resting
in our recliner.
     When Jacob contracted a stomach bug with severe vomiting, we
had to remind him to snuggle up on the couch and lie quietly.
     "Your body needs to rest, Jacob," his daddy told him.  "You
are very sick."
     To which Jacob replied, "I know.  I'm pregnant."
     Submitted by Kelly D., Oregon


God Loves You.
     Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus
Christ died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust
Him as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of
works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).


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