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Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement from a Distinctively Christian Perspective of Home Education
Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Co-Editors

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The Nov./Dec. 1999
Teaching Home Back Issue
features a 13-page special section on family relationships.

A Reader Writes:
     "I just finished reading the Nov./Dec. 1999 issue of The Teaching Home, and it was an answer to prayer!
     "Thank you for this issue on Family Relationships. It encouraged me in areas that I already knew I wanted to implement.
     "The most important area, however, was the specific outline of ideas and Bible verses that I actually carry out straight from the page.
     "The articles gave me the biblical plan for our children's relationships that I have been searching for. I plan to use the included Bible verses for our memory work, the ideas behind them for our devotions, and then follow up by admonishment with the verses when needed."
— Karen B., Virginia

Sunnyside Up

You Know What I Mean

     Jeremy, our 4-year-old son, asked me to do something with him. I told him I needed to think about it. After about 25 seconds Jeremy asked, "Have you thinked?"
     I said, "You mean 'thought.'"
     He responded, "Did you thought?"
     Submitted by Tom W., Gibson, B.C.

God Loves You.

     Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again. If we trust Him as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."
(Ephesians 2:8, 9)

Plan of Salvation

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101 Great Things To Do This Summer!
Summer Newsletter Series / #21 – #30 in This Issue
See past issues.


     Why are we offering suggestions for 101 great things to do this summer?   So that you will have a wide selection from which to choose!

     Certain ideas will not appeal at all to some of our readers, and others will think that the same idea is great!   We trust that you will find something in each issue for your family's enjoyment and benefit.

     Have a wonderful summer with your family!

The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business operated in our home since 1980.

#21.  Make Bubbles

     Bubble making is a lot of fun! Buy extra large containers of bubble solution or make your own.

2 quarts distilled water
    Slowly stir in:
6 oz. non-ultra Dawn, original scent
    (or 4.5 oz. ultra dish detergent)
1.5 tablespoons glycerin
    (use 3 tablespoons if using ultra detergent)

     You can cut this recipe in half or double it.
     See more recipes, instructions, and explanations.
     Some recipes use Karo syrup instead of glycerin.

Items To Use To Make Bubbles
     You can blow bubbles through a wand or dip and wave one of the following items through the air. There are lots of things around you which can be used to make bubbles.
 •   Construct a high-tech bubble blowing tube
 •   Plastic berry basket or colander
 •   Plastic holder on six-pack of pop
 •   Funnel
 •   Plastic straw cut on a slant or several taped together
 •   Piece of tubing
 •   Paper cup with a hole punched in the bottom
 •   Paper towel tube
 •   Wire coat hanger bent into a hoop and tightly wrapped with yarn.
     Note: Bubbles do best when humidity is 30% or greater.

     Go to bubble school and learn all about the science of bubbles!

#22.  Wash Your Car Together

     Your family can wash your car, play in the water, and cool down at the same time!
     As good home educators, first go over "How To Wash a Car" and "How to Keep Your Car Clean and Orderly" (interior).
     You might also volunteer to wash the cars of neighbors or church members who are elderly, busy, or physically challenged.

#23.  Enter the Fair

     Submitting an entry in your county or state fair can be challenging and rewarding.
     The study and skill-building needed to produce your entry provides motivation and opportunity to hone a life skill, and the recognition can encourage your child.

Entry Categories
     Almost any accomplishment can be entered. You can enter your family's favorite cookie, your child's artwork or science fair project, a cross-stitched sampler, a flower or vegetable, etc. in one of these typical categories:
 •   Flowers, fruits, and vegetables
 •   Needlework, handcrafts, and garment making
 •   Baking and canning
 •   Collections
 •   School projects
     There are usually age levels from under 5 years to seniors over 65 years.

Find Your Fair
     Contact your county or state fair for entry deadlines and information.
 •   Contact your local newspaper or Extension Office of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.
 •   See a list of all 50 state fairs with links to their websites.

     There are all kinds of things to see and do at your state fair. If you don't submit an entry this year, go check out the possibilities for next year.

#24.   Help Someone Start Homeschooling

     Look around you at your church, support group, relatives, or neighbors. Is there anyone who would appreciate a little help in considering or starting to homeschool? Here are ways you can help.

Tell Your Story
     Realistically give your convictions and reasons to homeschool and your experience — both challenges and successes.

Provide Information
     Point your friend to information. The Teaching Home website offers the most frequently asked Questions & Answers, a series of articles on starting to homeschool, and a Checklist for starting a school year.

Give a Sample
     Schedule a day or a week of homeschooling together (call it a Day Camp or something fun!). You could do a simple unit study, work on basic skills, and/or explore just one subject area of interest.
     A field trip on the last day would round out a good sampling of homeschool opportunities.

     Of course the best way to help someone is to pray for them and be there to answer questions and give encouragement!

#25.   Bible Read-a-Thon

     The Bible is the spiritual nourishment that our families need to grow in the Lord.
     If you have never experienced the blessing of reading larger sections of Scripture, this summer may be a good time to try it. Following this daily schedule will enable your family to read the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs in 31 or 62 days.
     Take turns reading aloud as a family or follow along while listening to a recorded tape or CD of the Bible.
     Use one of these options (estimated reading times are based on recorded readings).

 •   Read it all at once in 31 days. (50 minutes each day)
 •   Read half as much each day and take 62 days to complete it. (25 minutes each day)
 •   Divide the daily readings into morning and evening segments. (25 minutes twice each day for 31 days; 12.5 minutes twice each day for 62 days)

1. __Matt. 1-7 __Rom. 1-3 __Ps. 1-5 __Prov. 1
2. __Matt. 8-11 __Rom. 4-8 __Ps. 6-10 __Prov. 2
3. __ Matt. 12-15 __Rom. 9-11 __Ps. 11-15 __Prov. 3
4. __ Matt. 16-20 __Rom. 12-16 __Ps. 16-20 __Prov. 4
5. __ Matt. 21-24 __1 Cor. 1-4 __Ps. 21-25 __Prov. 5
6. __ Matt. 25-28 __1 Cor. 5-8 __Ps. 26-30 __Prov. 6
7. __ Mark 1-5 __1 Cor. 9-11 __Ps. 31-35 __Prov. 7
8. __ Mark 6-8 __1 Cor. 12-16 __Ps. 36-40 __Prov. 8
9. __ Mark 9-12 __2 Cor. 1-5 __Ps. 41-45 __Prov. 9
10. __ Mark 13-16 __2 Cor. 6-10 __Ps. 46-50 __Prov. 10
11. __ Luke 1-3 __2 Cor. 11-13, Gal. 1-2 __Ps. 51-55 __Prov. 11
12. __ Luke 4-7 __ Gal. 3-6 __Ps. 56-60 __Prov. 12
13. __ Luke 8-9 __Eph. __Ps. 61-65 __Prov. 13
14. __ Luke 10-12 __Phil. __Ps. 66-70 __Prov. 14
15. __ Luke 13-17 __Col. __Ps. 71-75 __Prov. 15
16. __ Luke 18-21 __1 & 2 Thess. __Ps. 76-80 __Prov. 16
17. __ Luke 22-24 __1 Tim. __Ps. 81-85 __Prov. 17
18. __ John 1-4 __2 Tim., 1 & 2 Titus __Ps. 86-90 __Prov. 18
19. __ John 5-7 __Philem., Heb. 1-5 __Ps. 91-95 __Prov. 19
20. __ John 8-10 __Heb. 6-10 __Ps. 96-100 __Prov. 20
21. __ John 11-14 __Heb. 11-13 __Ps. 101-105 __Prov. 21
22. __ John 15-19 __James __Ps. 106-110 __Prov. 22
23. __ John 20-21, Acts 1-3 __1 Peter __Ps. 111-115 __Prov. 23
24. __ Acts 4-7 __2 Peter, 1 John 1-2 __Ps. 116-118, 120 __Prov. 24
25. __ Acts 8-10 __1 John 3-5, 2 & 3 John __Ps. 119 __Prov. 25
26. __ Acts 11-14 __Jude, Rev. 1-3 __Ps. 121-125 __Prov. 26
27. __ Acts 15-18 __Rev. 4-8 __Ps. 126-130 __Prov. 27
28. __ Acts 19-21 __Rev. 9-13 __Ps. 131-135 __Prov. 28
29. __ Acts 22-25 __Rev. 14-18 __Ps. 136-140 __Prov. 29
30. __ Acts 26-28 __Rev. 19-22 __Ps. 141-145 __Prov. 30
31. __ Ps. 146-150 __Prov. 31

     Also see The Teaching Home's unique Bible-in-a-year reading schedule and tips.

#26.   Do Daily Math

     Investing a few minutes each day in practice will add up to a big boost in your children's math skills. The benefits are twofold:
     Review. Your child will retain knowledge and be able to start right in on his next math level this fall. He might be able to skip the usual review lessons and have more time to learn the new material.
     Remedial. If your child is not up to speed on his math facts and functions, this is a great time to catch up and be ready for the next level.

 •   Spend just five minutes to drill the basic math facts with flashcards or software.
 •   Have your child do one problem each day from his last-year's math book.
 •   Reinforce math with games and practical problems in your daily life (e.g., cooking, shopping, home-maintenance projects).

     The secret to forming this daily math habit is hooking the activity onto one that is regularly scheduled, such as after breakfast or before lunch each day.

#27.   Form a Reading Club

     Your reading club can be an informal meeting once a week, twice a month, or just one Book Party. It can consist of members of your own family or a group of other homeschoolers. Here are a few ideas.

 •   Exchange recommendations for favorite books and why you like them.

 •   Present oral reports or speech and drama projects; do an art project together. See "100+ Creative Book Reports / Unit Study Activities" in Newsletter #26.

 •   Have a book party or presentation with each child giving a five-minute book report (traditional or an idea from the list in Newsletter #26), perhaps dressed and acting as a character in his book. Set up a table to display books and projects. Refreshments can include some suggested by the books.

 •   Have everyone read the same book and discuss it, using some of the questions from past newsletters on reading comprehension: inferences,analysis,application, andevaluation.

 •   Use a literature study guide.

     Sharing your book with friends or family will make it more enjoyable!

#28.   Attend Free Outdoor Performances

     Check with your local newspaper for a list of free outdoor performances such as concerts, plays, historic reenactments, and zoo exhibits.
     This is a great opportunity to introduce children to cultural events that would otherwise be too expensive or too long for them to sit through.

 •   Take sleeping bags or folding chairs to sit on and snacks that are not messy or complicated to serve.
 •   Introduce your children to the main plot and background of a play or opera before attending so they can follow it better and get more out of it.

#29.   Evaluate Child Discipline

     One of the most important areas of a father's involvement is to establish, reaffirm, and carry out basic child training and discipline.
     God tells parents: "Chasten your son while there is hope" (Prov. 19:18), and "Bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord" (Eph. 6:4).
     God's word to children is: "Obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother." (Eph 6:1-2).

Eight Guidelines
1. Get your child's attention before giving him an instruction.
2. Your child should meet your eyes and answer, "Yes, Mother/Father."
3. Require instant, willing obedience.
4. Be consistent. Your children must know you mean what you say.
5. Affirmation should follow obedience; negative consequences are appropriate when a child disobeys or rebels.
6. Make clear rules and require your child to remember and obey them.
7. Use Scripture to show your child the principles behind your rules.
8. Lead your child to salvation. Only after he is born again can God's Spirit within produce true godly character.

Child Training Resources
 •   "What the Bible Says about Child Training" by J. Richard Fugate. Book and online excerpts.
 •   Videos, DVDs, and audio tapes by Dr. S.M. Davis. Biblical solutions to family problems.

#30.   Set Goals

     It is easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty of homeschooling and lose sight of what is most important. So the first thing to do in preparing for next year is to step back and take a look at the big picture.
     Consider the question: When our children leave our home to begin their own families:

 •   What kind of people do we want them to be?
 •   What values do we want them to embrace?
 •   What knowledge do we want them to possess?
 •   How do we want them to behave?

     As you prayerfully consider all aspects of your children's teaching and training, write out long-range goals for your children. This will give purpose, direction, and balance to your efforts. For example:
 •   Spiritual: Know God's Word, come to salvation, and grow spiritually.
 •   Character: Development, good manners, and discipline.
 •   Social: Family unity, social skills.
 •   Academic: A Christian worldview in all areas, a solid foundation in basic skills (reading, writing, math), and an excellent, well-rounded education.
 •   Life Skills: Practical preparation for adult life.

     During your next steps of planning, you will use these big goals to schedule specific goals and objectives for each child for the coming year.

How do you like our new summer format and topics?
We would love to hear from you!


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