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     The Teaching Home E-Mail Newsletter #43
     Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement

     July 28, 2003 / Cindy Short and Sue Welch, editors

Table of Contents

  • Summer & Socialization
  • Family Day Trips, Destinations
  •     Guests, Preparation, On the Road
  •     At Your Destination, After the Trip
  • Recommended Resources
  •     Christ-Centered Curriculum for Early Childhood
  •     God and Government Series
  •     God’s Design Science Books
  •     Teaching Home Back Issues
  • Sunny Side Up: Humorous Anecdote

  • Greetings,

         Did you try the "Four-Box Dejunking Method" or investigate selling some of your items on eBay as suggested in our last newsletter? If you missed that issue, you can find it online at:

         In this issue we discuss a wonderful summer memory maker -- the family day trip. Even though it may mean some extra effort, it is well worth it. We would never give up the time we have spent with our children in this way!

         A mother in Texas also shares what their family does about socialization in the summer -- a dilemma that you might be facing yourself.

         Finally, don't miss the article "How To Energize Yourself for Teaching This Fall" at:

         May the Lord bless and guide you as you enjoy family time this summer!

    Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian Welch
    The Teaching Home is a 22-year-old, home-school family business.

    Christ-Centered Curriculum for Early Childhood
         This thoroughly Bible-based phonics and math program offers your children high spiritual, moral, and academic training. Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade curricula. Online articles by Doreen Claggett discuss early childhood education and when to begin academic instruction. 1-800-778-4318.

    Summer & Socialization
         Will this summer's "socialization" reinforce or undo last year's character training? Here is one family's solution.

         We have pondered the question of socialization. How much "socialization" should we allow, knowing I Corinthians 15:33:
         "Do not be misled:
         Bad company corrupts good character,"

    and Proverbs 13:20:
         "He who walks with the wise grows wise,
         but a companion of fools suffers harm."

         I don't want any harm to come to my children, nor do I wish to watch negative social pressures at work in our own yard!

         Our solution has been to limit our children's exposure to other children and to closely supervise their playtime. In this way, I can guide the play, correct attitudes as they arise, and maintain the standards of our family.

         Interestingly, the rules at our house have piqued the curiosity of more than one parent and opened doors to share what God's Word says about children and their training.

    Many parents have been influenced by the popular psychology of the day, and by contrast, what the Bible says is new and refreshing. Better than that: it works!

         We also enjoy inviting other families over for dinner and games or supervised play for the children while the adults visit.
         This is how we handle those relationships with others who have different values and standards. Happily, at least two of those families are now Christians!

         You can be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) in your very own neighborhood. Strive to reach God's standards in your life and in your home, plant the seeds of God's Word, and pray for the harvest. -- Melody G., Texas

         Children need to be supervised while playing together as well as when they are on the internet, and nothing is as effective as hearing and seeing them yourself.

    God and Government (a homeschool special)
    Does God have a place in government?

         This age-old question is answered in the three-volume God and Government series, a homeschool favorite for more than 20 years. These wonderfully illustrated books outline what the Bible says about government in all its forms. FREE Biblical Worldview magazine subscription included. Prices are discounted for our Teaching Home friends. Click below to learn more.

    Make the Most of Family Day Trips

         Family day trips are a great alternative to an expensive or too-long-away-from-work vacation. They can do much to bring the family together with fun activities and at the same time home educators can always find an interesting and enriching educational angle for each trip.
         Day trips usually should be a distance that would enable you to spend at least twice as much time at your destination as round-trip traveling time (e.g., the maximum might be 2 hours each way in the car and 8 hours at your destination and/or stops along the way).

         Here are a few ideas that are especially suited for family day trips during the summer. Some are free, some will take gas money, and some may require an admission fee.
    1. Natural attractions such as the beach, mountains, rivers,
         water falls, lakes, hiking trails, and parks.
    2. Museums, planetariums, aquariums, and zoos.
    3. Historic sites, districts, buildings, and museums, as well as
         antique shops.
    4. Events such as ethnic festivals, state and county fairs.

         Find suggestions and information for day trips by:
    * Calling your chamber of commerce or visitors' center for a list,
        information, and brochures on local and state attractions.
    * Visiting these websites:
    * Asking other families what day trips they have enjoyed and
        getting information from them.

    Is teaching science like wrestling a mountain lion?
         Turn that lion into a kitty-cat with God’s Design science books from R and D Educational Center!
    * Hands-on activities.
    * Minimal teacher preparation.
    * Fun and easy.
    * Teach grades 1-6 together.
    * Christian worldview.
    * Complete life science and earth science curriculums.

    Family Day Trips (Continued)

         Sometimes a family needs to spend time together, away from the bustle of a busy life. At other times, taking someone with you can be a ministry to them and make your trip more meaningful.
    * Is there an older person in your family or church that cannot
        get out much and would appreciate a short drive in the country?
    * Would another family like to caravan with you on a trip?

    * Read ahead about your destination. Check your library, online,
        or other sources. Even a few paragraphs can pique interest and
        motivate learning.
    * Get complete information on your destination, including hours,
        admission, and directions.
    * Do an hour-by-hour time line of your trip, figuring driving
        time, rest stops, etc. Be sure you allow enough time, instead
        of cramming too much into too little time, which is
        counterproductive to an enjoyable time. If you allow extra time
        for travel, you will be able to stop and explore interesting
        things along the way.
    * Pack everything you will need the night before, get a good
        night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, and an early start.
    * Take along a field guide to identify plants and animals you see.

    On the Road
    * You can begin your trip with a short devotional time in the
        car as you start down the road. Start with prayer for your family
        to have a safe trip, be a witness and testimony (take along
        some tracts), have a good family time together, learn more about
        nature or history, and praise the Lord for His world.
    * Have someone read some Scripture or listen to the Bible on tape.
    * Listen to and/or sing hymns or choruses.
    * Allow some time for family visiting.
    * You may want to listen to music or a book on tape as you travel.
        Blackstone Audiobooks.
        Unabridged Henty novels recorded on tape.
        check your local library for books on tape.

    Buy Teaching Home Back Issues Online

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    Online Article: "How To Energize Yourself for Teaching This Fall"

  • Family Day Trips (Continued)

    At Your Destination
    * Experience as much of the site as possible.
    * Pick up any handouts or educational materials available.
        Sometimes it is worthwhile to buy a book on the subject if
        someone is especially interested. This could encourage reading
        or other educational goals.
    * Be sure you know what you may or may not remove from a nature

    After the Trip
         Follow-up activities are a valuable educational part of any trip.
    * You can do a report of your trip by using one of the 100+ ideas
        for book reports or unit studies from our newsletter #26
        These include activities in art, penmanship, written and oral
        reports, speech, drama, writing, and poetry.
    * Follow up any interest with more reading or research at the
    * Keep an account of your trips to add to your children's school
    * Make a scrap book with photos and information.
    * Plan a return trip next year if your family enjoyed it this
        year. Often children will enjoy repeated trips more because they
        are comfortable with the surroundings, feel at home, and know
        what to expect. Some summer events may become family

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    Sunny Side Up: Of Dolphins and Seals
         When Daddy comes home for lunch, our son and daughter both enjoy filling him in on what they have learned during the morning.
         On this particular day, Elise, 7, had been studying American history. When we were all seated for our noon meal, I asked if she could name some of the symbols of the United States for Daddy. She promptly replied, "The dolphin."
         My husband and I stared at each other in confusion. When she saw how puzzled we were, she tried to clarify for us and said, "you know, that round thing."
         After a few more seconds, it finally dawned on us that she meant the Great Seal of the United States.
         Contributed by Jane M. Los Alamos, N.M.
         You are also invited to submit your humorous anecdote.

    God Loves You.
         Because we were separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again. If we trust Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
         "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

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