High School Home Economics

by Kim Ooms
       Design your own Home Economics course using Proverbs 31 as your outline. Type out verses 10-31, inserting specific homemaking skills after each verse. Some of the projects can be enjoyed by your family, given as gifts, or saved in a hope chest.
       Some examples from our family include:
v. 1 3—“she seeks wool and flax”      
  • Crochet a scarf      
  • Knit a sweater      
  • Make a set of potholders or an apron
    v. 1 4—“she brings her food from afar”      
  • Preserve four jars of jam, three jars of pickles, and eight jars of beans      
  • Cook dinner one night a week for six months
    v. 16—“she considers a field and buys it”      
  • Do the family grocery shopping for one month using a specified budget      
  • Plant a garden      
  • Develop a marketable skill or start a cottage industry
    v. 17—“she girds herself with strength”      
  • Maintain an exercise program of at least 20 minutes a day
    v. 20—“she reaches out her hands to the needy”      
  • Commit to four months of volunteer service in your community
    v. 22—“she makes tapestry for herself”      
  • Learn to sew a jumper, a dress, etc.
    v. 26—“she opens her mouth with wisdom”      
  • Develop the inner beauty of lady-like character

           Tailor the assignments to your own family's needs, interests, and circumstances. Assign at least one task for each verse. Ask Grandma to supervise the canning or Aunt Martha to teach the knitting. Perhaps these skills can be learned in an apprentice-type situation where the student offers some kind of service in exchange for the skills learned.
           The main objective is to make sure our girls are ready to become wives and mothers and that they know there are so many activities that can be done at home. Many of our generation are losing the arts of cooking and sewing. A woman's job at home never need be dull.

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